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I'm Joel Circo Magician

I love performing Magic for people where they can see it happen right before their very eyes! I want them to feel the moment happen.  I have performed close-up Magic for years now and I love it every time! I have done a little bit of stage Magic in my years of performing but I prefer to close up Magic. That’s where I feel the most connected to my audience and I think that is where they connected more with what is happening. 


I started getting into magic because I loved playing card games so much. I would carry a deck around with me at all times. People kept asking me if I could do a Magic trick. Enough people asked me that I decided that I should learn. And what started as learning a few tricks for a few people turned into a very big part of my life and a really fun job!


I love when people get to feel a part of the Magic that is happening.



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