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Flora Doodle comes from a creative family. She loves to dabble in all sorts of media. She got her first face paints in 1983! They were the crayon style and not what she uses today. After moving to the Inland Empire in 2001, She volunteered to face paint for her church’s carnivals. When her balloon twisting son joined the local clown group, mom escorted and volunteered her painting skills. The clowns saw her talent and encouraged her to start herown face paint business. Recently, Flora Doodle added waterproof face paint to her services. Great for pool parties and when you want your paint to last all day.

Flora Doodle is dedicated to increasing her skills as a face painter through her weekly anddaily face paint challenge groups, online classes, working withother artists and painting every day. Her favorite faces to paint? Who has the most challenging ideas? Her grandchildren! “Grandma! Did you bring your paints today?”

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